Canada’s Stonehenge

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Project Description

National Media

More than 30 years ago on the remote plains of southern Alberta, Canada, scientist Gordon Freeman discovered a Sun Temple. His study of the site led him to find incredible similarities to Stonehenge. Canada’s Stonehenge not only predates England’s Stonehenge by about 800 years, but also predates Egypt’s pyramids. Freeman discovers that 5000 years ago Britons and Plains Indians made precise astronomical observations at these two sites halfway around the world from each other at nearly the same latitude.

Although Freeman wasn’t expecting that anyone would take him seriously, we got tremendous media coverage, launching with a Canadian Press story that was picked up across the country and following with radio interviews coast-to-coast, television from Calgary and Edmonton and a few scientific journals.

Canada’s Stonehenge was published in the UK as Hidden Stonehenge. We did a simple site for him at