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Are you running a business or working full-time, but you want to write a business book? Thinking you will do it when you’re less busy? When the business reaches a certain level of success? When your children are older?

Chances are unless you MAKE TIME, you’re never going to HAVE TIME. There are always going to be demands on your time, but writing your business book will help you go to the next level and achieve more success sooner. Busy, successful people write business books. You know, you’ve read them.

You already know your business book will:

•   Establish you as an expert – over your competition

•   Open doors to new prospects

•   Attract speaking engagements and media opportunities

•   Strengthen your brand story

•   Create new revenue streams

So why not make a plan to get it done?

If you are in Calgary, join us at Writing Space — Business Book Bootcamp April 27 & 28, 2018. We’ll help you to develop the tools and provide the resources to get you writing your business book.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Writing Strategy

Daily or Weekly Routine

Even the busiest business people write books. The most common strategy is to take 30 minutes to an hour per day – or for set days per week. Perhaps a minimum word count motivates you – 500 words a day? Many writers find setting a time first thing in the morning works best for them. \If that’s not the right time for you, consider putting aside time in the early evening, after dinner. Or write for six hours on a Saturday. It’s whatever works best for you and your life, as along as you establish a routine.

Writing Vacation

Others find that work overtakes them for a period of time, so they plan a writing vacation. Imagine heading off on vacation where you are a writer for four hours every day – or maybe even more – and tourist the rest of the time.


And still others carve out a period of protected time for a writing marathon, ie. the month of November.


Team up with someone else. Find someone else who wants to write a book and become writing partners — or if you have an editor who has given you a deadline — that may be all the accountability you require. Or, construct a framework for yourself to hold you accountable. Some ideas:

•      A weekly check-in with another writer who is working on their project?

•      Hire an editor now to review your first chapter at a meeting in one month’s time?


Maybe you need to keep a writing journal to identify and remove your stumbling blocks?

•      Is your partner supportive of your efforts? What would it take to get him or her on board?

•      Do you suffer from writers’ block? Review your table of contents. Maybe you are heading in a new direction and are feeling conflicted. Consider jumping to a different section for now; maybe your plan needs adjusting. See what other people are writing on your topic and use it as a launchpad. What is similar and different in what they are trying to accomplish?

•      Lost your nerve? If your confidence has suddenly deserted you, turn over your work to someone you trust to give you some honest feedback. If you need to improve or learn something new, do it. Dig out compliments you have received and pin them somewhere you can see them. Remind yourself of your objectives. Think about who you are trying to help with your work and try to remove your self from the equation. And remember, even great writers like Hemingway struggled — it goes with the territory!

Content Marketing

Use your research and writing as part of your content marketing plan from the beginning so that your efforts are maximized and streamlined. Essentially, you will build your audience as you write.

Selling Other Products and Services

You can begin selling other products and services from the beginning of writing your book. Think about your sales funnel and where the book fits in.

Remember all the reasons you wanted to write your business book in the first place:

•      Differentiate yourself from your competition

•     Create interest in your business and you

•      Become known as an expert in your field – speaking opportunities, more clients, increased revenue

•      Leave a legacy