Publishing Means BUSINESS: Write, Promote & Publish Your Book

Date 2019-10-05
LocationAlastair Ross Technology Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Finish the non-fiction book you might not even know you’ve started!

HOW? By integrating the powers of social media and other channels, your book can:

  • Position you as an expert in your field and differentiate you from your competition
  • Help you find and qualify new leads
  • Laser-focus your business strategy as you write
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Help you have more time to travel and spend with your family

You are not starting with a blank page, but with a wealth of knowledge and material: speeches, articles, blog posts, informative emails, notes for a book you might write, and ever so much more. Let’s find the book you’re meant to write. We’ll sift through your existing material and find ways to develop and refine your work.

From the beginning you will:

  • define your audience and how to fill their needs
  • build the relationships you need to sell the book as you write
  • be clear about your story structure, narrative and voice
  • know the basics of the writing, editing, and publishing processes

You will leave this seminar with a clear plan and all the tools and resources you need to finish.

SO, what is stopping you?

  • Time? You too can learn to make time to write.
  • Overwhelmed by what you don’t know? We’ll build a step-by-step plan.
  • Fear? Let’s conquer those fears together and get through the tough spots.
  • Money? You’ll need to invest, but maybe not be as much as you think.

Seminar fee of $99.00 includes a workbook, lunch and an opportunity to put your proposal in the hands of an agent or publisher if you wish.

Here is what to expect from these seminars. You will:

  • review your successes and your niche
  • analyze your existing materials and marketing channels
  • find ways to connect with your audience
  • look at your best publishing option (self, traditional, or hybrid).
  • formulate a book proposal
  • build a promotion plan – and make money before your book is finished
  • navigate social media, publicity, advertising and more.
  • hear from special guests

Contact lyn@cadencepr.ca for further information.

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