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10 Outstanding Reasons to Write a Press Release

  1. To announce your company news – a new product, a new hire, an award…
  2. To celebrate your business – on the occasion of an anniversary to promote your accomplishments
  3. Crisis communications – you have been accused of making a mistake, you have made a mistake
  4. As part of a strategy to be a leader in your industry in which you further the conversation with journalists and respond to issues in the news
  5. To share new understanding of your industry, the regulatory environment and how your business is adapting
  6. Results of research, polls, perhaps a whitepaper
    You can also create newsworthy events and opportunities
  7. To promote a lecture series in which you are discussing issues important to your industry
  8. To promote your alignment with a charity and what you plan to do for them
  9. To promote a special event
  10. Any of these reasons PLUS it is an opportunity to increase your search engine optimization.

If you want to be in the news, there are many ways to do it. Get creative and strive to make a difference.

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