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We will find your personal power pack of PR strategies to reach the people who most need to hear what you have to say.



Why not plan a book, ebooks to work with your content marketing plan.


Let us get you on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines.


What are your best ways of spreading the word – social media, networking events, publicity

Content Strategy

Build a book from or with your social media, speech materials, etc. Tease apart your book, speech materials to build your social media….


Speaking engagements – to small and large groups – free or paid – can be an important part of your PR.



Create events to bring your audience together – online or in person – and showcase your expertise.

Whether you want to change the world or increase your business, we can make you known.  Make your content a priority and we will, too. 

Sometimes I Write About Speaking, Publishing & Promotion….

I don’t have TIME to write a business book!

Are you running a business or working full-time, but you want to write a business book? Thinking you will do it when you’re less busy? When the business reaches a certain level of success? When your children are older? Chances are unless you MAKE TIME, you’re never...

Eliminate Your Fear and Develop Public Speaking Skills Today

Are you an expert with compelling content, enthusiasm and great public speaking skills? Lucky you! May you use your gift to make a difference for others. On the other hand, if you have much to say and more enthusiasm than experience, you can improve your skills....

24+ Sources of Free Images and Image-Editing Tools

Whatever you do, do it with pictures!   Finding free images Often it is difficult to find free images among the advertising and even the free sites may start to charge. But there are lots of sources of wonderful, free stock photography. That said, if you or...


As a key member of the Marathon Quest 250 team, Lyn provided the structure and content for all media and social media interaction. Lyn's input allowed the MQ 250 story to travel the globe and be retold in a number of countries including Thailand, Romania and Czechoslovakia. Through Lyn's news releases the story was also picked up by CNN, BBC world service, CBC and Global TV

Martin Parnell, International Keynote Speaker, Author and Multi Guinness World Record holder.

Having years of experience, Lyn is so-well connected with an excess of promotional ideas. Concepts I would never have thought of, nor been able to initiate. She opened up many doors for me with her creative ideas. She showed me the value of, and how to incorporate, social media in my promotions. I will be going back to Lyn with my next book.

Dale Leckie, Geologist and author of Rocks, Ridges and Rivers: Geological Wonders of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks

Just wanted to say thanks for the promo work you did for me this fall, really appreciate it. I’m very impressed! Definitely worth it and I would do it again in future.

Lori Hahnel, Writer

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