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Current projects include:

Song of Batoche by Maia Caron

A people’s struggle for rights to their land and identity, a woman’s fight for ownership of her body and soul.

In a year when Canada 150 celebrates our iconic heroes, this historical novel about the Métis, from an Indigenous author, is at the very heart of Canadian identity. After learning that her great-great-grandfather was the president of Louis Riel’s provisional government in Batoche, and her great-great-uncle was Gabriel Dumont’s war lieutenant, Maia Caron was compelled to resurrect the ghosts of her ancestors, to tell the story of the North-West Resistance, the unspoken betrayals and buried secrets of the past……more


The Inheritors: Moving Forward from Generational Trauma by Dr. Gita Baack

In The Inheritors, Dr. Baack warns that if our trauma is not processed, the pain, anger and even hatred and violence will continue to future generations. The cycle must be interrupted. While recognizing that inherited trauma is difficult to recognize and difficult to treat, she offers resources to help. She encourages Inheritors to claim and tell their own individual stories and to that end she provides questions at the end of each chapter so that readers can reflect on and write their own unique story…..more


Frontenac House Poetry Quartet 2017

Each year Frontenac House launches a Quartet of poetry books. The 2017 collection includes the poetry of Lisa Pasold, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Vivian Hansen and Laurie MacFayden and is set to launch in Calgary and Edmonton….more

TwoBlackEyes and The Unfinished Script by Tyler Trafford

Remember Nathan Munro, the well-behaved kid in high school who always got good grades and looked like his mother dressed him? Do you know where he is now? Well, in TwoBlackEyes and The Unfinished Script, author Tyler Trafford tells us that this momma’s boy started hanging out with some smart, bad ass kids and that oh, so smoky and mysterious woman who had once – not too long ago – been his grade 12 teacher. Nathan was just spotted having a beer with his friends in a local honky tonk after a day of riding bulls and, oh ya, he is writing a script. Surprised? You see….

Rocks, Ridges, and Rivers: Geological Wonders of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks by Dale Leckie

A few years ago, award-winning geologist Dale Leckie was surprised to discover that there was not a single book available on the geology of Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks for tourists interested in natural history. After all, these parks are recognized as part of a World Heritage Site for their iconic beauty and fascinating geological features. So, Dale Leckie wrote and is set to launch Rocks, Ridges, and Rivers: Geological Wonders of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks....more


There Goes the Neighbourhood by Stan Rogal

Have you ever wondered what your neighbours are really up to? Stan Rogal has not just spent a lot of time considering the secret and not-so-secret lives of his neighbours, but he has written a collection of ten dark-humoured short stories he calls There Goes the Neighbourhood, published by Frontenac House and about to launch in Toronto on August 29, 2017….more