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Are you thinking about writing a book? Do you need answers to questions like these ones?

  • Should I write a book to share my expertise? Is it worth my time? Do I need to do it?
  • How do I get published? Who would publish my work?
  • Should I self-publish? How do I do that?
  • Do I need an agent?

Are you trying to start a publishing company? Do you need help with these questions?

  • Where can I find a distributor? What are their terms?
  • How do I reach the library market?
  • How can I work with booksellers to sell more books?
  • How do I get on the bestseller lists?
  • How do I find a great designer? editor?
  • To which awards should I submit?
  • How do I get my book into ebook formats?
  • What other distribution channels could I be using?
  • How do I get reviews and interviews?

Are you a published author struggling to promote yourself and your book? 

  • Need a website and/or blog?
  • Overwhelmed by social media possibilities?
  • Not sure how to set up a book launch?
  • Uncertain about approaching the media?
  • Bewildered by online advertising?
  • Wondering what else you should be doing?

Whether you need information, support or services, call us and we’ll get you the answers you need.